Breasts and Nipples

Never underestimate the vast appeal of the human breast. When we are watching a porno, or even an old-time R-rated film on cable, breasts are largely seen as something of a lesser sexual organ. That is why they are shown in more mainstream movies than vaginas. They are more acceptable. Which someone relegates them to second-tier status, which is very sad. Because breasts are very hot. To view, to fondle, to suck. And that goes for the underrated nipple, too. Dammit.


A man loves breasts. They are what he first notices about the opposite sex when he is a little boy. He may even stare at his mother’s now and then, and definitely his older sister’s. They become a bit of a fixation for a horny young lad. Women know this and they sometimes use it to their advantage. And men don’t care. As long as they see the breasts, up close and personal. And this is what a good porno should highlight. As many breasts as possible, in one room at the same time. A visual overload for the always horny man.


A good porno will show the entire reveal process of the breast. They will drag it out just a tad. Maybe start with a tight sweater, then strip to the bra, then the breasts fly out, ideally in the man’s face. A man will relish cupping the supple breasts in his two hands, squeezing and fondling them endlessly. And the nipples are very important, too. They are extremely sensitive, which is why men love licking them so much, from quick darts of the tongue to long lapping sessions where the entire mouth covers the erect nipple. A woman loves having her breasts sucked as she is penetrated; it makes for the perfect orgasm. By the way, women shouldn’t neglect men’s nipples, as they are equally sensitive to fondling of all kinds. So remember all this, porno makers. Breasts need their closeup.

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