Dirty Sluts Need Love, Too

Everyone loves to mock the slut. Throughout history, the person, particularly the woman, who loves sex and flaunts it, is derided and dismissed as nothing more than someone with cheap morals and no self-worth. More harsh people would use a term like cum receptacle to describe these types. Porn only adds to these stereotypes. What no one seems to ever think about, sometimes even the slut themselves, is that these people need love, too. They are actually not merely there as a sex object. Yes, they have, gasp, feelings just like you and me. And may even want to settle down someday.


People simply have a problem with sex. They always have, they always will. Even though everybody does it, and it is how all of us are here living on this earth, it still makes vast segments of the population uncomfortable. And when someone comes along who takes ownership of their sexuality, people often do not know how to deal with them, so they do what comes most naturally: they dismiss them. The sexually liberated threaten a lot of people. And in all of this, the poor sluts of the world tend to build up a wall around them that makes it hard to get inside to their emotional core. They become tough nuts to crack. It would be quite something to see porn actually deal with this somehow, even in a most minor subplot kind of way. Just for it to make inroads in changing people’s perspectives of those who admittedly love sex.

Slutty sex

Porn serves a definite purpose to get people in the mood, but dare to dream, it can actually start molding public perceptions if a bit of thought went into it. If the hot sex still existed, but the acting and storylines became much less cheap, a true porn revolution might be at hand. The centuries-old vision of the slut might finally start to crumble.

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