The Great Escape


A lot of people always act like porn is a giant waste of time, especially in this day and age when the internet and mobile phones allow people to access porn anywhere at any time. The temptation is certainly there to spend your time watching porn, either via video or still pictures, entirely too much, to the point where other areas of your life suffer. The phrase sex addiction is even bandied about a lot these days, though it is hard to say where the line is between horndog and genuine troublesome addiction. But rarely do you hear people talk about the benefits of porn, how it can be exactly what someone needs to take them away from certain troubles in their life. It is a topic that deserves wider acceptance.

It has actually been medically proven that an orgasm can make a sick person feel better. Whether it is simply a headache or something far worse, the endorphins released during sex help the body feel better, if only for a few minutes. This extends to the emotional state, too. People who suffer from depression feel better during sex. An orgasm literally causes happiness. That is a pretty damn amazing fact, and one excellent reason that should bolster the support of porn. A sick or depressed person can simply masturbate their malady away. It is certainly better than taking more drugs.

Beyond medical benefits, sometimes people just need to relax and relieve immense stress. They have had an incredibly long week at work, they are involved in a lawsuit or custody battle, they are emotionally drained by a friend or loved one’s death. What better time to put on a porn to not only forget your worries, but experience the momentary happiness of an orgasm? Porn works in the most passive way. No need to go running or play a sport. Just sit on your couch and masturbate with an icy beverage at your side. Sounds like bliss.

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