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The epic reach of the internet has given rise to a stunning amount of free porn in the past decade or so. There really is no reason to spend a single dime on this smut anymore. The old days of fetching dirty magazines from an old man at a bookstore are unnecessary, even though magazines, books and films of a filthy nature still certainly do still exist. But why would anyone even waste their money when they can get it for free? It really does not make much sense. Only people who do not appreciate the value of a dollar, especially in these trying economic times, would seem to be the candidates willing to still pay. People who are too dumb to budget their money right, or people who simply make so much money that they have lost all perspective and just do not care. Even the pay sites regularly give passwords out to get premium services on a free trial basis.

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Maybe there is more to it than just stupidity. Maybe they have a secret goal of keeping all the mom and pop smut stores and dirty magazines in business, just as if they were an old fashioned hardware store fighting the big box ones. Yes, maybe some people are waging war against all the free porn by trying to go back to a simpler time when it was harder to obtain. Maybe. But that would be quite a personal crusade to take on. Things like world hunger would seem to be a bigger issue.


People want to have sex as often and as creatively as possible. All the free porn that exists today helps to aid in that very special cause. People are more liberated than ever with everything at their fingertips. Sexual boundaries are being pushed and widened all the time nowadays due to the proliferation of free porn. Anyone still paying for it seems a bit dated and out of touch. Maybe even a bit of a prude. It just does not add up.

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