Surprise Visitor

The concept of open relationships still makes many people uneasy. They just cannot wrap their heads around the idea of sexually sharing their man or woman with someone else, and even multiple people. It goes against everything they grew up believing, the whole fairy tale idea of being married to one person till death do you part, of living in some comfortable suburb with two children and a nice puppy dog to greet you when you came home from work after a long, hard day. There is certainly nothing wrong with the above scenario. It works for an awful lot of people, and certainly the children involved are always glad to see their parents stay together. But one never knows how happy these people truly are after the initial glow of their torrid affair wears off and the daily excruciating minutiae sets in. And sets in for years. People in open relationships acknowledge the very real fact that passion fades, and depending on the set-up, one partner in these couplings may sometimes wind up with a surprise threesome when they come home from that long day at work. They get to unwind with some deliciously exciting free sex.

Open relationship

Some people in open relationships have a don’t ask, don’t tell policy. They want nothing to do with their partner’s other partners. Others, though, have a very liberated view of the whole thing. They do not even mind if a stranger gets fucked by their partner in their own bed. And if they happen to walk in on the scene, well, even better! Everyone wins! There is certainly something very kinky about all of this. The visiting party may have no idea their hookup is partnered and did not count on getting double-teamed. But they very well may wind up being a submissive plaything for the randy couple. No one in such threesomes often know for sure what will unfold; it all depends on luck and timing. But open relationships guarantee free sex more than closed ones ever will.

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