How Deep Is Your Love?

Sex videos have been all the rage for quite some time now. They began kind of quietly under the radar as more and more people started buying digital video cameras, then getting webcams as part of their computers. Many horndogs saw the appeal of merging their vibrant sexual lives with the explosion of technology. Then celebs began getting in on the act. People we had never heard of before suddenly had their bedroom romps going viral online, and before you knew it, these people were famous and walking the red carpet simply for allowing themselves to be filmed while doing the nasty deed. Pretty remarkable. Pathetic, too, but on another level, maybe they are the smart ones and the rest of us are just judgmental and repressed. Sex videos, though, sometimes lead to very strange situations, precisely because of the very strange bedfellows that can develop. Specifically, when a good friend suddenly asks you not only to share their bed, but to do it on camera. Yikes.


It is just a different world in so many ways today. Forty years ago, good friends went to the drive-in together. Now they might very well be making sex videos with one another in some giant videotaped orgy. The mere fact that a good friend would ask such a thing may cause some uncomfortable friction. Of course, it also signifies how close the two of you may be and the level of trust involved. The one friend may be hankering for such a delicious perversion but does not know who to ask. They want a threesome, but do not trust a stranger. So they go to the good friend. After the initial shock wears off, if the friend obliges, a very hot time may very well ensue, and the friendship may be closer than ever. On the other hand, all sorts of things could go wrong, forever damaging the bond the two of you used to have. Inviting friends into your sex videos is a dicey proposition.

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