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Imagine living the life of a porn star. For people with a strong sex drive and the desire to think outside the box and become involved in lesbian porn, BDSM sex, and gang bangs, it definitely sounds like a dream job. What’s so bad about having sex all day long several times a week and getting paid to have multiple orgasms?

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On top of being paid to experience intense pleasure all day long, porn stars also get to enjoy the celebrity status that they achieve as film stars. The recognition and fame of being a porn star is undeniable. People everywhere flock to the many XXX conventions that are held all over the place throughout the year. People also flock to the film awards like the AVN Awards that are held in Las Vegas every year. While it may not be celebrity on the scale of a mainstream movie star, it is undeniably a celebrity status and notoriety that includes grateful fans, recognition, requests for autographs and a lot of perks that the average person never gets to experience.

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Most people would love to be able to experience what it feels like to be a celebrity, even if it’s just for a little while. Red carpets, swag bags, security, paparazzi, screaming fans and applause seem like a very attractive prospect to most average people, even if it’s only for a little while. It would be a great thing to experience for most people, even if it’s just because it’s so different from our normal lives. It would be a big thrill to be sought after and to experience a taste of the celebrity lifestyle. What fun it would be to be photographed, to wear incredible clothing, to be cheered and to hear our name screamed in delight by waiting fans. Of course there are downsides to celebrity – the loss of privacy, the constant cameras even when not feeling well or not looking great and many other aspects that can’t be pleasant. Still, it would be fun to experience it just for a little while.

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