What’s Your Price?

It is pretty safe to say that no one grows up thinking that they are going to get into porn. It is hardly the American dream, something that mothers and fathers hope for with misty eyes as they cradle their newborn and watch them grow. But every now and then, opportunity knocks. And if it happens to knock at just the right moment, at the door of just the right person, in just the right mood, someone going to law school could suddenly find themselves starring in porn.

Big dick

Even though women are largely seen as the more vulnerable and exploited gender in porn, it is often the men who wind up being the easiest prey when it comes to being tempted into doing naughty things like jerking off in front of a camera. This is because men are cocky showoffs, number one. It is also because they are horny, sometimes dumb, and often drunk. Especially when they are, say, on spring break. Oh, yes, then there is the added incentive of money involved. Sometimes a lot of it. Yes, for the right price, at the right time, people may be willing to throw caution to the wind and make their porn debut. People clearly don’t often think these things through, thinking that no one will ever really see it. Hey, that could be true. Or not. Some people, meanwhile, don’t give a damn. Sure, they never considered porn as a moneymaking venture, but now that the offer is being made, they are not going to turn down some quick easy cash just because society frowns on it.

Pay for porn?

Straight men jerking off is a big draw in the porn world, and spring break is a great place to reel in the participants. For a price, some guys will even do it in a room full of other men. It’s pretty much a circle jerk. If more money is offered to go further sexually, some men may even take that bait. It all depends. Everyone has their price.

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