These days the topic of addiction is one that is discussed more freely and openly, and one that is just as serious as ever. People have all sorts of addictions to contend with; alcohol, drugs, food, and yes even Sex. We do need to be careful however, not to confuse an addiction with a simple preference.

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There is no telling whether the problem is that our society has become much more lax and lazy about putting ourselves in bad and dangerous situations, or if we just simply have more information about how many people are addicted to various things. In any case, having an addiction is a potentially fatal situation to find oneself in.

The dangers of a drug or alcohol addiction are quite obvious. An accidental drug over dose is often fatal, and excessive use of alcohol is also quite likely to kill us, whether by a disease of the liver, or in a tragic drunken accident. An addiction to food can make us obese, diabetic and prone to not only a heart attack, but a myriad of additional diseases and ailments as well. A sex addiction can destroy our homes, our marriages, and our self respect, and will know doubt put us in some bad circumstances.

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We all tend to have our preferences however, and these should in no way be confused with addictions. Many men have a preference for Bbws or big beautiful women; this does not mean that they are addicted to them however. If they spend so much time surfing the bbw sites that they lose their job, their home and their family, that is another story. And, yes, that is the story of addiction.

We certainly can and should enjoy all of the different things that they world wide web provides for us, but if we see that we are losing control at any time, we need to reach out and ask for whatever help we need to keep ourselves safe.

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