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There are some people who simply don’t understand the point of phone sex and don’t understand how much fun it can be and how gratifying it can be, especially when a couple is apart for a few days. For people who are dating and not living together yet, it can be a great way to stay connected when they can’t see each other during the week.

Dirty talk

Phone sex can be a great way for partners to keep things hot when one partner is travelling or they’re separated for some reason that doesn’t involve some sort of relationship conflict. It’s hot and enjoyable, and for some people it’s much easier than talking dirty to each other on the phone than it is in person. They may feel really self-conscious about it in person, but there is something that feels a little bit anonymous about it on the phone, probably because there is no one there watching and making direct eye contact which could be a bit embarrassing, especially for a shy person. It’s personal, but from a distance – with geography and phone wires separating the parties. It’s a good way to discuss and imagine fantasies that may be a little embarrassing for some to discuss in person.

Phone sex is definitely easier than cyber-sex – it isn’t easy to type if one hand is busy, and it’s less fun to type out the whole scene then have to go back and read it in order to masturbate. Cyber-sex is also a lot less personal. Phone sex has the added benefit of each party being able to hear the voice of the person they care about or are attracted to, giving it a more special feeling of connectedness than being on an instant messenger chat. For some people, the sound of their lover’s voice can be very arousing, especially when that voice is saying very dirty, sexy things, so phone sex would definitely be a better option for them.

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