Orgasm From Thin Air

Asian porn is often willing to deal with controversial subjects, and one of the many controversial subjects that there are well-known Asian movies about is the idea of energy orgasms, breath orgasms and orgasm on command.


Apparently there are some people who can achieve orgasm by many different alternate means besides genital stimulation. Some people can bring themselves to orgasm once they achieve a meditative state of a certain level. Some people can practice certain breathing techniques and exercises that allow them to bring themselves to orgasm. Some women experience something called an energy orgasm, which is basically the ability to orgasm simply from the sexual energy provided both other women in the same room who are having physical orgasms. This happens more frequently with women who are very in tune with each other and very emotionally connected to each other as friends, although there are some women who can have energy orgasms simply from the sexual energy of any woman having repeated orgasms in the same room and giving off a lot of very strong sexual energy.

Pussy lips

There are men and women who can be taught to orgasm on command, although this is usually within the confines of a D/s relationship and it can take quite a bit of training to get a submissive of either gender to this point. There are many different ways to achieve sexual gratification, and there are people who are open-minded enough to be able to learn to achieve orgasms through very unconventional means. There are a lot of people who doubt these people and doubt that this is possible. They tend to believe that the people in the films are faking the orgasms, but a lot of people do believe that these things are possible. Many people have experienced these things for themselves, even though they may have started out as skeptics as well. Sometimes something has to happen to us directly in order for us to believe that it’s possible.

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