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Much like mainstream bookstores, adult bookstores are slowly but surely being phased out by internet stores that carry a wide variety of merchandise and the ability to shop without leaving home. With much lower overhead than the traditional retail store model, the online stores can usually offer much better prices and carry a much wider variety of merchandise. Shopping online for anything related to sex is also a much more private affair.

It’s a shame that so many adult bookstores seem to be closing, but it’s kind of understandable since most people are shopping online for sex toys and porn. Most of the time the prices are better online, but there is still something very enjoyable about going to a store like that and shopping in person – looking at the various toys, even through the packaging, cannot be replaced by looking at photos on the internet. It’s harder to get a real idea of the size of things when the item is not right there waiting to be picked up and examined. For couples, it’s a lot of fun to go to those stores together. It’s almost like a form of foreplay in some ways because a couple can get each other pretty worked up looking at the toys and talking about what they would do with them.

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It also gives each partner an opportunity to watch their partner and see what they react to that they seem to try to keep to themselves – that’s an item they’re interested in but not ready to mention just yet, and that’s a good thing for someone to know about their partner because they can lead into that conversation and find out why they don’t want to be open about it yet. It could be that they’re embarrassed and need to be drawn out of their shell a bit. No matter what the venue, shopping for sex toys and porn together is a great way to strengthen the bond of any romantic relationship.

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