Sex Phases

The people that are happy and healthy realize that they go through phases with their sex life as well as every other aspect. Their Sex life is no different. There will be times when they are single and looking and on the dating scene when they have a strong drive. Then they may get a new job or have a very important project or promotion to work on. It takes away from the drive because their overall focus is on the progress and not getting some pussy as the primary motive.

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When a person realizes that these changes are usually healthy then they won’t become problems. They become problems because people don’t educate themselves as to how their bodies and minds work and interact. Don’t allow depression to creep in because your cock is dormant for a while. It’s not that you have lost your edge or that you aren’t the same person. Your just going through changes and you’ve got to stay cool about it. If you stay cool and don’t jump to conclusions you can achieve the balance you need. Just remember that if you changed one way you can change back again. It’s just a matter of changing the focus. There is the focus you consciously have and then there is the subconscious one.

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Take a look at your habits and see what you can do about changing them. Change up your routine and do things differently. You may notice a steady but slow change in your focus. Then you’ll be able to guide it to the direction you want. If you are looking to get your drive back up then spend some time reading something erotic. Watch some porn or try some adult dating sites online. If your looking to get away from that sort of thing then stop going to those places and concentrate on something more romantically centered.

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