Make Yourself A Star

Times are very tough these days, tougher than they have been in decades, maybe even since the Great Depression. Many people are hurting financially and do not know where to turn. Jobs are extremely hard to come by, even for those of us with college degrees or excellent credentials. The competition is fierce and the jobs are few and far between. Not a good combination at all. So one has to be extra crafty and really think outside the box if they want to get ahead today. You may have to do things you never would have thought of before. Things like make a sex tape. Your family and friends may be disgusted with you, but if it is the only way you can pay rent and you have the face and body to pull it off, the end may very well justify the means.

Homemade sex tape

It greatly helps that society has gone so far down the drain. Our attitudes about sex have loosened big time. Thirty years ago, if you said you were going into pornography in any form, you would have been disowned and thought to be a fringe-of-society deviant. Now, though, it seems to be all the rage. Third-rate nobodies leak a sex tape to the internet, and the next thing you know, they are known throughout the world and getting offers to star in reality TV shows. Before you know it, they are being interviewed on the red carpet and being invited to sit down on award-winning talk shows, selling their new TV venture or perhaps a new line of fragrances, with never a single mention of how they achieved their fame in the first place. They are essentially porn stars, somehow elevated to a higher level of public acceptance.

Sexy squirter

We can roll our eyes all we want, but in the end, people who deliberately make a sex tape are laughing all the way to the bank. Prudish attitudes are only holding you back these days.

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