Adult Video Stores Still Rule

Everything to do with sex these days seems to be about the internet. Chat room this, sex website that. It is easy to forget that something often talked about in nostalgic tones, as if it does not exist anymore, actually is alive and well. Yes, friends, we are speaking of the good old fashioned adult video store.
Adult sex toys

The adult video store was always a magical place for people just learning about sex. It was a place of discovery, of figuring out what you liked, of crossing barriers you had never crossed before. One of those barriers was simply walking through the front door. Once you finally did so, you felt just a bit more like a grown man. You could wear your big boy pants just a bit more proudly thereafter. It was a true rite of sexual passage. You would spend so much time lurking in front of the joint, surveying the surroundings, making sure no one saw you were about to enter. Once you finally did, you breathed an epic sigh of relief.

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Adult video stores had beads and middle-aged men at the counter. They had aisles and aisles of dirty films and magazines, and other men you would glance at, only to quickly look away. They had somewhat mystical booths you could step into, and with a dollar bill, a private special movie would be all yours. And if you happened to pull your cock out of your pants as you watched, no one would often give a damn. Sure, there would be a sign on the door warning against sexual activity, but everyone knew this was a rule made to be broken. Of course, you had to be careful of what you sat on, so it was prudent to bring a moist towelette.

But guess what? You can still partake in this delightfully seedy activity. Adult video stores indeed still exist. A bit harder to find, maybe, but not extinct. The dream can still be yours.

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