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Most people would not deny that there are a lot of adult film and Porn Stars who are quite sexy. Sometimes, however, sexy can come in the most unexpected packages and in the most unlikely places. Luckily sexy is usually always welcome when it arrives on the scene.

Nice ass

Porn stars are invented and packaged to be sexy. They spend a lot of time getting plastic surgery and fake body parts so that when we see them on the screen their bodies look so perfect that they almost look fake. Many of the female porn stars look like X rated Barbie dolls with small, thin bodies and big giant artificial breasts. The men look like dirty Ken dolls with their perfect six pack abs and their giant penises, which probably got them their job in the first place.

porn star sexy

But what about those people that are crazy sexy without being perfect looking, or in some cases even all that attractive? No one would deny the powerful sex appeal of someone like Sean Penn, even though his facial features are exaggerated and sort of on the rough side. What about Denis Leary star of the Rescue Me series which has just concluded its’ run on television? Is he handsome? No. Does he have an amazing body? No, he’s really skinny. Is he sexy as hell? Yes, he certainly is.

Sexy al pacino

So what is it? It seems that confidence is always a big part of whether someone will be considered sexy or not. Men that are sheepish, indecisive or meek never seem to fare well in the old sex appeal category. Most women would gladly give in on a rather large nose for the sexy feeling of being with a strong and capable man. Seems like we are back to the cave man days, I know. But truth be told, Tommy Gavin can save me any old time he wants to.

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