Right Now Is Right Here

The split-second dissemination of information on the web is what makes watching porn on line so fantastic. God knows the very last thing any of us want to wait for when we are horny and want to masturbate is not having quick access to sex videos! Now that we can download a bunch of dirty stuff off the web, or at least get a copious amount of video samples, why the hell would any everyday porn watcher want to buy a DVD or deal with even jumping into bed with a partner?

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It’s not rocket science to determine that the immediacy of getting what we want when we want it in sex videos keeps us coming back to them again and again. Having what we want right here, right now is the modern porn audience’s mantra and the very bane of existence for porn companies watching their profits fly out the window. As the world gets speedier and life ever more crazed, we are used to getting things fast and if that can be the case satiating our sexual appetites we will take willing to whatever speed stuff is presented us more then we will ever want things to slow down.

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It was bound to happen that technology would have a major affect on pornography but no one could have predicted how this would all play out and how we would be able to access sex videos in the modern age. No one could have known that the industry of porn would be flipped upside down by the web, how we’d be watching dirty movies on our phones and how we would never again have to buy or rent a DVD if we didn’t want to. No one could have ever predicted that a right-here-right-now edict would indeed come to pass and that those two factors for sex videos would supersede the quality of the video and what it is about for the modern viewer.

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