Your Own Thing

The idea from the 1960’s of doing your own thing may seem a bit outdated to some of us, but if we take a moment to stop and mull it over a bit, we realize that it is a fantastic and important concept that we should not ever lose sight of. Many of us spend much too much time worrying about what other people think of us, when we should be just simply enjoying the time that we have been given on earth. So, if the Adult video selections interest you, then by all means you should check them out.

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The most beautiful idea contained in the concept of doing your own thing is the implied idea that others will get to do their own thing as well. How wonderful would the world be if we all simply stopped judging and evaluating each other? We tend to want to comment on other people’s lives based on what we think, on what we feel and how we choose to live. We can not ever be in someone elses’ head, heart, or genitals. Therefore, we are never qualified to comment or to pass judgement on how, where, why or when they choose to live their own lives. We can only live in our own heads and take care of our own things. Everyone gets left alone. Period. The End.

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So if we want to enjoy some of the adult entertainment options that are available on the web, we should go for it. If we want to wear our hair long, we should. If we want to be anti-social or anti-technology, we should do that too. Our choices in life are the business of no one except for us, and if that makes those nice well meaning people who like to criticize us in the guise of helping upset, well that is just too bad for them. They will have to go and do their own thing and leave ours be for a change.

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