These days there are all sorts of dopey shows on television about people trying to survive all different things, from being left on a deserted island with a bunch of other lunatics, to being stuck in a house with a bunch of other lunatics, to trying to hide a briefcase full of money and being interrogated by a bunch of other lunatics. What it all comes down to is that we like to watch other people survive things and test themselves. And some of us also like to push the envelope as far we can when it comes to the Porn that is available to us on the world wide web. Just when we think we could never watch, consider or do anything that dirty, we surprise ourselves, and somehow we survive it.

Group sex

Who would have ever imagined that someone who created a show about people being left in the wilderness with nothing and eating bugs would have made millions upon millions of dollars? But people continue to tune in year and year and season after season to see these people try to get rid of each other in an effort to win a whole bunch of money and become a pseudo famous reality star. How about the shows where the families air all of their dirty laundry for the entire country to see? Or the young, stupid, party animals residing at the local beach house? Yes, for some reason we love to watch all of these shows to see how everyone will get through it and how it will all turn out.

Shower porn

When it comes to our pornography, we also want to be pushed to our limits to see what we can survive watching, or doing. For some people, normal sex does not cut it, and unless things continue to intensify each time to a level they previously thought was too much, they quickly lose interest in the whole endeavour.

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