Taking It From Both Ends


People are naturally kind of skittish when it comes to their sexuality and how they use their bodies. Even these days, with so much smut available to them at all times on the internet for free, people have an innate shame about experiencing too much sexual joy. They are certainly getting better, though, at questioning why they have been brought up in such a rigid and repressed manner. Each generation tends to be more liberated than the last one, and young people today are using sex videos to not only capture their own sexual shenanigans on film, but to both be inspired and inspire others. And one of the bigger taboos for a long time for so many has been using all your holes to pleasure others. Something has always felt particularly sleazy about engaging in such an activity, but sex videos have helped break down those repressed walls and loosen people up.


A woman is used to getting fucked in her vagina or giving blowjobs. What she is not often used to is getting fucked in the ass, along with having multiple men use all her holes at one time. But sex videos have given a lot of women courage to explore anal sex, and also to trust their lovers when they suggest bringing a second man into the bedroom. A lot of men get off on banging their woman while she sucks off another guy. The ultimate would be for three men to use a woman at once, but this is often a fantasy gone unfulfilled for many. Sex videos also inspire gay bottom men to both get fucked and suck off a guy at once. It all comes down to being more comfortable with things the more often you see them, and sex videos have become so widespread in our society that average people have slowly started to allow themselves to explore more of the sexual options that their body gives them.

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