The Time Slot

Every time you sign onto an internet porn site, you are essentially signing on during a certain time period. It is just like a TV or radio show. There are audiences who are home at the time or watching from their laptops or mobile phones at a time of day that is most convenient for them. Usually there is some kind of comforting routine to things, just like with TV or the radio. People get into patterns of living and they stick with them. Sometimes it is fun to mix things up, though, because you never know what you are missing at other times of the day. This is especially true with internet porn.

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The biggest viewing period for internet porn is in the evening, after people are home from work but before the midnight hour. Prime time, if you will. This is when you will sometimes have trouble even accessing certain rooms if you are not a premium paying member of some websites, being they are so overcrowded with sexed up horndogs looking to get off on webcams and maybe even score a sexual rendezvous. Super late night or very early morning, by contrast, are the lowest viewing hours. You half expect to see tumbleweed blowing across your screen sometimes during these periods.

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An interesting time to sign on to mix things up is during your lunch hour in the very late morning or very early afternoon. A lot of students are on during these times, along with a number of people who work odd shifts. Giving them a good masturbation show will likely surprise them in a positive way if you are not normally on during these hours. People are always looking for someone new on these porn sites. If you are good at giving a good show, along with consciously popping in at different times throughout the day and week, you can work these porn sites to your advantage and likely score some real world sexual action.

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