Not So Predictable

Some porn caters directly to women, and typically it’s markedly different from porn that is targeted more toward men. In most cases women, whether gay or straight, are looking for more of a story line and much more seduction than guys want to see. Women tend to like to see more romance instead of people just getting naked and jumping right into bed together before they even know each other’s first names.

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In general, women tend to want more of a story line, more character development and more dialogue between the characters. They usually prefer something that seems more meaningful than just a random encounter. Of course, all women don’t like exactly the same thing. While some women may want romance and deep emotional connections, others prefer some slam bam thank you ma’am kind of sex action just as most guys usually like. Alternatively, there are some men out there who prefer more of a storyline.


It’s not possible to generalize an entire gender, orientation or any other group of people with complete accuracy. People will be people, and their preferences don’t always fit into stereotypical expectations. Luckily, with all the different targeted demographics, there should be something for everyone even if they need to cross over the demographic lines to find the styles that truly interest them.


Although people do sometimes fit into certain patterns based on gender, orientation and certain social categories, people can still be pretty unpredictable in some ways. There is no one path that a person is forced to follow. That’s a good thing. Although we all may fit into some of the stereotypes that are out there, we don’t have to. We can find our own path and our own likes and dislikes and find what works for us as individuals. If those things that work happen to be part of the stereotype, so be it. We all get to be who we are, and that’s the way it should be.

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