Only The Dirty Survive

Some pornographers will not survive in this error of free porn movies.Changes in the world of dirty movie making are not new. We went from stag films and 8 millimeeters to showing dirty movies on screens at the seedy movie theaters in cities to the adult video boom in the 80’s to DVD productions and now downloadable free porn movies on our P.C.’s.

Free porn

Through it all, the truly dirty survive.It takes very little to make a porn movie these days and less to have it seen. But if one wants to make a dent and a profit, not have all their wares be pirated as free porn movies one must produce fare people will pay to see in the face of all the stuff they can get for free. Therefore one must really bring the people through the door, so to speak. One must get that guy or girl who downloads porn for free nightly at their porn site and pay to download for a movie. In the world of porn it’s not only the studio with the most money that has stuck in there or the guy or girl with the hottest contract porn stars, it is also the movie studio that can really amp-up their fare and present either specific types of movies for a small but interested crowd or really nasty stuff.This is why gonzo is all the rage now.

In order to get people buying what they could normally have for free the porn movie must be nasty or specific. It must be shot well if we want to get people to buy a DVD or it must be wild action to make sure people aren’t just going for the free porn movies. There is no stopping downloading and the Internet will cotinue to exploit porn, but pornographers know what they have to do to get people buy and not to simply download free porn movies.

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