A lot of things get shoved to the background in porn. The focus often becomes the fucking, sucking and ultimate cumshot. Which is all well and good, mind you. But there are so many aspects of a good sex life, and, thus, a good sex scene. Precum is one of those things that is often left on the editing room floor. And why? It is an extremely hot element of a male’s penis during sex, so it should be focused on more.


Precum develops because a man is horny. Precum is not exactly semen, but is a direct precursor to it. Precum is colorless and clear, and often a bit sticky. It works as a natural lubricant once the male is already aroused. While he is masturbating, for instance, a man can rub his natural precum all over the head of his penis to work himself up into even more of a lather. When someone is giving a man head, it is extremely arousing for the giver to lick the precum off the penis. It is a very submissive act to do so, akin to swallowing, but not quite as graphic. Licking the precum often works as a great compromise for someone who is not comfortable ingesting a man’s semen after he cums. Porn would be an excellent way to showcase all of this, but rarely does. They are too busy getting to the so-called good part that they skip a lot of the excitement of the foreplay. Typical, a lot of women would say.


The makers of porn need to start being a bit more creative in their storytelling. There is so much porn these days that something new would actually stand out and work to their advantage. Relying on so many storylines and sexual moments from the past is a mistake. A new precum niche would reel in a new audience to an aging genre.

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