Blue Balls

One of the worst things a guy can deal with is blue balls. A lot of women especially aren’t exactly clear on what it is and if it really happens. Many have thought it was some sort of vague excuse for not getting enough Free sex but truth is that it’s very real. What happens is that inside the man’s body there is a tube which permits the flow of blood and urine as well semen through the penis. At the base of his cock there is a gate way that shuts one flow off and allows another to begin. When he becomes hard the blood flow is shut off temporarily allowing his cock to remain erect and hard. Then when the time comes another gate way is opened which allows him to cum.

The problem happens when he might be getting some action, such as a blow job or some pussy and then for whatever reason the Free sex ends. Perhaps the couple is interrupted. For whatever reason the sex ends and he has this build up of cum inside him ready to go, but the delivery is never made. This build up can be extremely painful as the gate way doesn’t open again allowing for the blood and semen to flow back into the body. It just stays in the cock ready to go, cocked and locked. The only practical way for a man to get rid of this is to finish the sex. He needs to cum. It may sound silly and sound like an excuse to get some but it’s very true and very painful. He needs to cum to get rid of the load. At this point even the normally pleasurable act of masturbating or getting some can be extremely discomforting and painful. Then we he does finally explode he does so with a tremendous force of expulsion. The pressure is such that even the act of ejaculating can be painful in the extreme, followed naturally by the relief he feels at having gotten rid of the load. It is an experience he is not likely to forget, nor want to repeat.

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