Cheating and Sex

There are some people who do not take the concepts of personal responsibility and accountability very seriously. They think it’s perfectly okay to go outside their relationship for Free sex as long as they don’t get caught. Then if they get caught they try and make up various excuses for their behavior. These people typically use this formula in many other walks of life as well.

When it comes to their relationships however it is doubly hurtful because they have damaged someone’s trust in them just so they could get some pussy on the sly. They think that the rules don’t apply to them and they don’t think they have to abide by any. They simply don’t care and it shows in their actions. Getting some Free sex because they are bored with their partner is more important than possessing any kind of ethical or moral boundaries. These people must be made to suffer the consequences of their actions and they must be put into a place where they can firmly face their actions clearly and with no excuses to hide behind. Sadly there are too many of these people who will not even then accept responsibility for what they have done. They quite often try to put the act of fucking someone else on their partner. They try to accuse them of some crime that is supposed to absolve them of any wrong doing. In this way they can rationalize their behavior and feel that they are the injured party forced against their will to do something they didn’t want to.

If more people would simply be obedient to a code of conduct there would be a lot less hurt feelings and damaged relationships and things would generally go much easier. Unfortunately this is not very realistic thinking and will not get someone very far. One can only continue to abide by their code and be the best example they can be.

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