A Sidelong Glance

Akin to staring at the sun, sometimes a direct gaze into an adult video is not the best course of action for us. Trying to keep from burning our libido, sometimes it’s best to take only a few moments with a porno, then be on our way. We hear of people getting addicted to dirty movies all the time, especially with the access we all have now to downloadable porn, maybe it’s best we all don’t get so dependent on it or dependent on accessing it so easily.

Pussy porn

Sure, an adult video can get you through some lonely nights. Sure, it’s sometimes good foreplay for you and your partner to maybe settle in and look at a dirty movie from time to time. But a consistent study of bleached assholes and 8-inch cocks could make one pine for a world they will never see, nor a world that really is all that real.

The thing to consider though is that our libidos act very much like mercury filling a vessel, give us something to watch and we will watch it. Provide us with a movie we can masturbate to and we will do just that. Human beings will indeed take the easy way to something if it is provided them. Why strain one’s self when one can let an adult video do all the real heavy lifting of initial arousal? And these days we know full well the Internet does all that lifting for us.

What we need to always remember is that a balance in all things is what’s best. There is certainly nothing wrong in partaking in a little adult video watching just as long as we also partake in a little adult in-person interactions with our spouses, partners and friends. We can and should flip on our P.C.’s and P.D.A’s for our distractions and business as much as we should get up and out amongst the living to conduct that business and find those distractions.

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