The Discerning Palate

Most of us that have reached adulthood, if only in chronological years, have seen our share of Porno movies throughout our lives. We remember some of them as terrible, some of them as wonderful, and some of them as simply nostalgic if we happened to see them with someone that we were madly in love with, or if they were one that we saw when we were very young and impressionable.

We have all seen the pornography from the 1960’s and 1970’s that was sort of grainy and did not have a tremendous amount of action. Never the less, we were happy to pack into our friends basements and watch the old 35mm projector show us at least some naked people who appeared to by trying to get a little something going on up there on the stained old screen that normally lived behind the lawn mower. Many of us experienced our first encounter with pornography in this way, and we have fond memories of squinting in the darkness and trying to figure out which body part was which as we drank cheap warm beer from a styrofoam cooler with our buddies.

As we grew older, the film quality got just a bit better. We could now go to see some porno movies in genuine theaters as we were old enough. Yes, they might be seedy places near the outside of town full of old creepy men in rain coats, but still we could go and pay our money and sit in the dark and watch people get in on, as we used to say back then.

Cut to today and we have more porn to choose from than we could possibly ever make use of, at least without going blind. The films are slick, the stars are beautiful, and some of them even have plots. So what is it that makes a porno movie bad? Can’t think of anything at all, can you?

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