Yes, everyone thinks that they would like to have their very own Sex tape, just like the celebrities and pseudo famous people all do. But when we stop and think about this idea for just a bit, we realize that there is a lot that goes into not only making a sex tape, but making sure that it is secure after it is in existence. We certainly do not want to inadvertently end up on You Tube naked before our friends, family and neighbors.

It is not as easy as many of us may think it is to produce a sex tape. First we have to get our appearance in order. We have to make sure that everything that needs to be shaved is shaved, everything that needs to be moisturized is moisturized, and everything that needs to be adjusted is adjusted. We have to check the lighting in our preferred filming location, and also check around carefully to make sure that there are no tell tale personal effects lurking in our tableau just in case our tour de force in film making should ever fall into the wrong hands. Finally we have to make sure that we are completely alone and will not be disturbed as we film our latest masterpiece.

And once we have this masterpiece in our hot little hands, what do we do then? We have to make sure that we keep it someplace that is safe and secure, away from our friends and certainly our children. And if we lock it away, how often do we go and nervously check on it to make sure that it is still there? Sometimes it can be a much better idea just to experience our sexual adventures as they happen and not to record them for posterity. Often the worry that we experience and have to deal with later on is not worth the thrill of making the film.

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