Fellating Facts

The blowjob is one of life’s great pleasures for any man. It is a sex act unlike any other; many men even prefer it to intercourse. There is something incredibly personal — not to mention pleasurable — about watching another human being take your sex organ into their mouth, lavishing your hard rod with every ounce of energy they have, ultimately bringing you to the most perfect zen state, that place where nothing else matters and all worries are forgotten. Yes, the orgasm. Unfortunately, while all that sounds fantastic beyond belief, many women — and men — are somewhat clueless as to the art of giving great head. This is where, yet again, porn can be an excellent teaching aid.

The first thing that you may notice about blowjobs in porn is that the giddy recipient rarely ever has to force his partner into giving head. Sure, there is something hot and dominant about making someone suck you off, but what we are mainly talking about here are people who show no real interest in giving head. So that is the key first fellating fact: you should be into it, showing unbridled enthusiasm for being made into a subservient cocksucker. No one likes a tedious bore in bed. You only live once; step up to the damn plate. Or, in this case, get down on your knees without being asked and yank that prick out of your man’s pants without him needing to beg.

Now deep throating is always a must at some point in fellatio, but you need to vary the distance and motion of your big gulps. Go fast, then slow, then repeat. We love seeing your nose pressed against our pubes, but the real action is actually at the tip of the penis. Yes, the super sensitve dickhead. And don’t forget the underside, please. You must also fondle and occasionally suck on the nuts, too. Finally, of course, swallowing is preferred. Porn usually shows all of this up close; get learning!

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