Sex On The Streets

When you think about free sex, usually your thoughts run to places and things that you would only do in private, behind closed doors, without the nosy masses sticking their noses — or other body parts — into your business. But one of the most erotic sexual things you could do is to go to a street sex festival, which certainly is not your ordinary day out at the fair with the family. No, this is an adult scene unlike any other you are likely to find.

Probably the most widely known street sex festival is the Folsom Street Fair, which takes place every September in San Francisco. An offshoot of this fair also now takes place in New York City. These two fairs both highlight the BDSM and leather subcultures. Special permits are granted that allow, for a limited time only, and in a specific closed off area of the two cities, all varieties of sex products and wear to be prominently displayed for all the world to see. And all the world actually travels to these festivals; they both attract hundreds of thousands of visitors annually. While the permits don’t allow for free sex to flow on the streets, crafty fairgoers usually find ways to skirt the law. And even if they don’t engage in any sexual activity on the streets, the fair is certainly a place where you can easily meet new free sex partners, and slink off to someone’s home or hotel post-fair.

While women are more than welcome at these festivals, it originated as a gay man’s mecca of sadomasochism, and still remains generally geared toward them. You can find people dressed in nothing but leather thongs, women topless, people being paddled, an epic display of vibrators and butt plugs. All on the streets in broad daylight. It is quite a scene. If you get the chance, going to one of these festivals would all but guarantee you some hot free sex.

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