Sex By Numbers

There are some extremely horny people in this world, absolutely ravenous when it comes to sexuality. They need it all the time, all times of the day and night. It becomes an obsession with them. They just have to have it as often as possible. Carpe diem, they will tell you, as they cool down from yet another romp in the hay. And sex videos have only further fueled this people. They have become even more competitive and horny, inventing new kinky games all the time to up the ante. One of their favorite things to do is to see how many people they can have sex with in one night.

The internet allows so many things to happen in people’s sexual lives that never used to. One of those things is the free ability to hunt down sexual prey any hour of the day or night. The internet is what these horndogs use, seeing how many disparate strangers they can plow in one overnight period. The guys in the sex videos are constantly inviting nubile sluts over, why can’t they? It certainly is better than playing cards. But they surely need to have several energy drinks and maybe do a line of coke to keep the momentum going. How their penis survives all of this is another question best left to another time.

The logistics of all of this can be hilarious. It has to be an in and out situation. There can be no foreplay, no cuddling, no post-fornication drinks. Do the deed, then you are shoved out the door before the next slut shows up. One certainly has to have a penchant for organization. The brisk flow of things can easily be explained in the fucker’s profile. Be very to the point about what you want. It is all a game. Take a spin on the penis wheel, become a statistic, then off you go. The legacy of sex videos goes on.

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