Are Teens More Sexual Today?

This certainly is not an innocent world that we live in anymore. There’s terrorism and seemingly more violence, sure. But there is also more sex. Lots and lots of more sex. Sex here, sex there, sex everywhere. It really does seem to be under every rock and on every billboard. Sex. It sure sells, that is for sure. The media shoves it down our willing throat and we eat it up, very often going back for more. It is seemingly an insatiable appetite. When the discussion comes up about the sexualization of society, it invariably always leads back to the internet. And all the free porn that can be found there, ready to be tapped into by kids of all ages, especially horny teens.

Then when you get around to discussing whether people, especially teenagers, are more promiscuous these days because of all the sex and free porn around them, things get a bit more complex. The impulse is to say of course they are more free with their bodies. But even that answer is somewhat cloudy. Because while they may be more willing to try a more varied menu of sexual desserts than their parents and grandparents, they are also a smart bunch, raised to know the dangers of disease and teen pregnancy. The same teens who may be more willing to accept that they are gay than people their age decades ago may have far less sex than previous generations. They are not repressed and take ownership of their sexuality.

Then there are the many straight-edge kids out there, who abstain from all alcohol, drugs and sex. Overall, teens do far less drugs than they did thirty years ago, so given that drug use often leads to sex, this alone is encouraging. And the straight-edgers, often peer leaders, are a shining example of the brains that encompass many teens today. Free porn is all around them, but they are often steering clear of the real thing.

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