When it Stops being Free

Once the cat is out of the bag, the top is off the bottle, Pandora’s sweet little box is opened it’s near impossible to get things back under control. This is certainly the way it is with all the free porn we are now able to access. Even in the face of an industry-wide crack down on piracy and the logical arguments over loss of revenue possibly signaling the death knell for the dirty movie industry, people are continuing to download free porn.

In fact, a certain generation simply does not know any different or better. They will continue to steal-and when you view movies, listen to music, or download software for free you are stealing-porn movies because they do not know a world where you couldn’t. They will continue to think all creative product exists in a sharing universe for creator and consumer and they believe a changing-with-the-times attitude where the creator of porn, faced with a technology that allows for his or her product to be downloaded for free, needs to build a better mousetrap to capture consumers with where they will pay for what is produced…until of course it is pirated!

There is no changing this attitude as there is no stopping free porn movie downloads. Pornographers are aware of this of course and in a move very much like chasing their own tails they attempt to root out pirates and close down websites, but the free porn just keeps a’comin’. There is simply no fighting technology.

In time porn movie companies will go out of business, while others might indeed create better product and exclusivity for it that will cost the consumer more than they ever dreamed they pay. Porn companies already license fare for specific adult stars on their rosters, fare you have to join a site to see. They are moving well into the realm of big budget films that will only ever be available on DVD and are protected by download preventing soft ware. Free porn might continue to exist, but now in an adversarial role, the companies porn viewers have taken to for their desires are producing with their backs against the wall.

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