Whose Opinion Matters?

All of life is a compromise, more so the second we try to build a relationship with someone. Be they friend, business partner or lover, the second we allow ourselves to be intimate with another person we open ourselves up to having to not only listen to but consider and understand, even allow for, that other person’s opinion. We might be able to leave all that drama at our 9-5 with a boss we are trying to deal with but dealing with a lover’s needs and opinions is much harder.

Getting through the small stuff might even prove formidable at times but when you begin to weigh the really important issues with your mate or date or anything having to with sex then you might find your partners’ as well as your opinion could get mired in a precarious balance beam between trying to maintain nice feelings and wanting to make your objections heard,

What do a couple do then when they come to an impasse over sex videos? The disagreement over what to watch at any one given time might be a momentary difference over what’s going to make one person horny verses what might not register for the other or the disagreement over the video might speak to a deeper issue within the relationship. Does one partner have a desire for sex acts the other no longer finds fun or has found repellant all along, maybe partners don’t even want to have sex with the other any longer and sex videos are this couple’s only way of coming together…but they resent having to use them. Maybe there is so much wrong in the long term relationship it is over sex videos couples can argue points that really are about their problems and not what the sucking and fucking they see on the screen.

Luckily once a couple is looking at sex videos, considering them or using them on a regular basis for foreplay that couple has probably had quite a few conversations about their sexuality and usually a couple who communicates well has a good sex life. If there are troubles with sex videos in a couple’s life, there is probably trouble with that couple.

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