Free Sex Advertising

Free sex seems to be more prevalent nowadays than ever. With the sudden rise of all those single people meeting on the net, casual encounters are all the rage and guys and girls everywhere are finding their opportunities for free sex whenever they want them. And though it certainly doesn’t need to be advertised in light of all this easy action and constant attention there are some subtle ways free sex does actually advertise itself.

First, the sites themselves.

Some websites make no bones about what they offer to their populations or the kind of members they want logging-on. Singles know just where to go to find free sex and even those dating sites or a social portal like Facebook has as much free sex on it as match-making, they are just not as blatant about the possibility.

Secondly, the people themselves.

The men and women who engage in free sex in a regular basis, or enough that it is a clear alternative in their lives are really the best advertisement for free sex and all it allows. Like an organic social movement-and in the case of free sex it is a movement more akin to lifestyle that has never stopped moving with the times-there will be people who want to approach their lives with either a poly marriage, only ever through fuck-buddy liaisons or slipping free sex in with their regular dating. As far as advertisements go, the people who live free sex are the best word-of-mouth free sex could ever hope to have.

Thirdly, the critics.

People against free sex are sometimes the very best advertisement for people to go out and have free se! With those critics acting so pious or politically correct, people who are on the fence for causal intimate encounters see such stick-in-the-mud, fearful critics of free sex they might just begin to look for free sex in the hopes they don’t end up like those stuffy critics!

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