Free sex and swapping.

There is a subculture of people who like to swap their partners. They enjoy the freedom in their relationship to be able to essentially fuck anyone outside the relationship they please without any penalty for it. They say that they have a greater amount of trust in their relationship which allows for this.

Some would say that they are using this as an excuse to just get more Free sex from others rather than getting enough from each other. It would seem in such a situation that neither partner is really committed nor truly and deeply cares for the other. They are just in a glorified adult relationship. Most people that are in committed relationships or who have loved someone would say that Free sex is really all they are after and are together for. Most that have loved someone would say that they would not be comfortable with their partner getting some pussy or cock somewhere else and neither would they want to do that to their partner. There is a real bond in such relationships such that they want to exclusively be with each other and anything outside of that would be painful and hurtful to say the least. It would not build trust to see one’s girl doing it with another guy nor would it build trust to have the guy doing it with another girl. It is like saying that that one person is not enough to satisfy and so they have to get more outside of things.

It is difficult for most traditional people to understand the reasoning or rational behind this other than as just a free sex excuse. Despite this criticism the adherents to the practice say that they really do care for one another and wouldn’t have it any other way. This is probably because no one else would put up with their wandering ways.

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