Free sex and Orgies

A lot of people make jokes about all the Free sex available at an orgy but few are willing to actually do it. First of all a lot of people would be very shy about such a thing. The next thing would be if they were involved with someone. They might have trouble imagining that partner fucking one other person but to imagine them getting their pussy banged by who knows how many other cocks it might change their tune.

They might become very uncomfortable very quickly with that not so appealing idea anymore. One the one hand they marvel at the idea of being able to pick and choose and get any girl in the place but they draw the line at having their girl get that much. Some are uncomfortable with the possibilities of gay sex being involved. They might not want to be working on some girl and then find some guy trying to slide up behind them. There are simply too many variables at play that many are uncomfortable with. It is also probably the case that more has been made of the orgy when in fact there were much fewer going on than people really believed. It could be one of those things where people make a big to do about something that hardly happens. It is to be sure that there are some places, but largely it’s probably a thing of the past.

There might be small groups of people getting it, and one could classify these as mini orgies but the ones involving dozens of people don’t happen that often. It would also bring the consideration of endurance into play. Once you’ve gotten your rocks off you aren’t interested anymore and don’t necessarily want to be laying around with a bunch of other strange people humping all around you. Would that mean you had to leave? Would you wait for your partner? How would you go about such a thing?

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