Why Pay?

A certain generation and those that come after it will never know a world where you once had to pay for everything you want to watch or listen to. The net has not only made it possible to download mostly anything you want for free but has become almost a paradigm that we get stuff for free and have no compunction doing so.

But even in the face of something as pervasive as free porn movies there are those of us who want to pay for the dirty movie, that quick download, that still pic and that DVD.


Some people believe that in order to keep an industry alive they must pay money to support it. Other people feel it is morally wrong to steal content that was put into the market place to turn a profit. Other people feel that if that the dirty movies they pay for will be of a much higher quality, as in, you-get-what-you-pay-for. Still others do not want to perpetuate the idea or practice of simply clicking on a site and getting what you want when you want it, for free.

The line seems drawn right down the middle on this issue of free porn movies, even within the industry itself. At the same time that pornographers are attempting to stop their content being stolen they also realize that they can reach many more people across the Internet then they can in any other way. Protecting their profits as they want to they must also concede that in some instances losing a little ground with a few free porn movie downloads might gain them more fans who might, over time, seek out DVD’s they must pay for, if that viewer feels they are getting something for their dollar unique enough to pay for.

How this will all play out in the end, whether all porn will become free porn movies, whether the big movie companies will have to turn to other ways of making money, having their movies be a secondary source or simply advertising is anyone’s guess. But for some there are people who are paying for porn and many others that are not.

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