She’ll Send An Invitation

A lot of men don’t seem to understand that women will give them physical cues when they’re ready to move to the next stage during sex. They are like little physical invitations telling a man when the lady is ready for him to forge ahead. If guys paid a little more attention to these cues, they would find themselves with a very satisfied and grateful woman who is all too excited to have more sex whenever he likes. Even in sex videos the ladies give the guys some physical cues to let them know it’s okay to make the next move.

First of all, kissing is usually a highly underrated activity, and it should get more attention. Most women love to kiss and it can be the perfect way to get started. It should be part of foreplay unless a man knows the lady doesn’t particularly enjoy it. When a woman is ready for a guy to start touching her breasts, which is the next step, she’ll let him know. She’ll position her body in such a way that her whole chest area is available to him. Sometime she’ll put his hand just above or below her breasts or even move his hand to her chest.

When the lady is ready for more intimate touching, she’ll usually spread her legs and position her body so that the man can easily reach the area between her legs. She may put his hand on her thigh to make the message even clearer. Even when things are far more intimate and naked, women will still provide invitations. If a woman is naked and there is clitoral foreplay going on, she will shift her hips to tilt her pussy upwards and spread her legs further to indicate that it’s okay to penetrate her with his fingers, toys, tongue or penis. Guys should pay more attention to these physical cues in order to be the best lover he can be. Her body will tell him everything he needs to know.

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