Caesar’s legions

Caesar’s legions were widely accepted and considered the very best that Rome could field. This was because they had the undisputed best commander. This of course was after the Civil War of Rome since his rival Pompey did set himself up as a contender. He failed and was soundly beaten and even humiliated when one of his legions that he had taken from Caesar earlier in the year defected back to Caesar.

These legionaries gained a reputation that would serve them throughout their own lifetimes and into the pages of history. Caesar’s favorite was his beloved tenth legion composed of the very best of the best. These men were renowned empire wide for their battlefield accomplishments and in military circles also for their prowess as Sex hungry men as well. They were known for taking Sex slaves from among the populations they conquered because Caesar gave them permission. This was a popular tactic at the time meant to not only cow the enemy and prevent them from rising again, but also as a means of integrating a population and romanizing them. This would help in keeping the peace as quite a few of these sex slaves meant only for fucking ended up as wives of the soldiers who took them. This was encouraged for the above reasons and so quite frequently a woman taken as a slave would not stay that way.

Caesar was also known for finding mistresses from among a conquered population as well and it seems he set the standard for his men. He loved to take a woman who had fire and character and conquer her as he had his enemies. He did not seek to tame them so much as present himself as a match for them. He was often magnanimous in peace when he could be but he was also quite capable of terrible punishments and judgment as well when the populace did not settle down and insisted on rebelling.

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