Free sex and interracial

It’s perfectly natural to wonder about people of a different race or color. To some extent this is to be encouraged because it encourages communication and understanding. Most people would rather your just asking them about something rather than making assumptions or jumping to conclusions. There are some stereotypes that have to do with Free sex and when it has to do with Free sex it always gets attention.

There is for instance the stereotype that black men have huge cocks and this is completely false. There is no ethnic group that has a monopoly on such a thing. There is also the stereotype that black men don’t like to eat pussy as much as white men do. There could be some truth to this since it is a cultural trait or something that isn’t an indicator of some biological superiority. It’s a matter of choice and a choice that can be passed on to one man to another. This then could be a stereotype that possesses some truth to it. This obviously could lead to more white man with a black women match ups. A black woman might be really interested to meet a white guy that actively likes to lick pussy since she may not be getting as much from her own group. These are things that are perfectly healthy in regard to exploration.

People most often find that having sex with a person of a different color really isn’t all that different once the novelty of the thing wears off. Then there are people that seem to focus on some other group because they want to identify with that group. There are white women who will exclusively date black men. This is a bad thing because that person is identifying with a group at the exclusion of other groups based on faulty assumptions and lack of character. One needs to possess the very basic pride in one’s own group before they explore other groups.

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