Hair Or There

Adult videos and porn magazines have pretty much created the trend of pubic hair removal for women, and even now for men as well. It can be a controversial subject, especially among women. Many women feel that removing all of their pubic hair makes them look like prepubescent girls, and they find that feeling very uncomfortable. Some women find it so disturbing that they question what’s on the mind the gentleman requesting it, even though that is a rather unfair mental leap to make. Many other women prefer to be completely hair free because they feel cleaner and smoother, and they feel it is easier to maintain their personal hygiene without any hair.

There are people who will find any choice besides their own to be rather odd and unexplainable and people who will not understand the mindset of the other camp. There is nothing wrong with liking a completely bald or neatly trimmed pussy, and there is also nothing wrong with liking a woman in her most natural state. Since so many women are shaving and waxing these days, it has actually created a bit of a
fetish for some guys to find women who are in their natural hirsute state.

Natural pubic hair certainly doesn’t mean that the person is not hygienic. There is nothing unclean about keeping the hair that grows naturally. Many people like the natural look and scent of female genitalia and believe that it was meant to be in its natural state. For some women, their pubic hair may start to turn gray at some point and they’ll start shaving or waxing out of a desire to not appear old or older than they really are. Because of this, it’s not completely unusual for women who loved having at least some hair to start shaving or waxing later in life. No matter what a woman’s choice is, she should feel comfortable with herself and be proud of her genitalia and not let anyone push her into doing something she doesn’t like.

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