It’s For You Dear

When one partner wants to try new things in the bedroom, the other partner will sometimes be into it and excited by the possibility of trying something new and sometimes the other partner will be intimidated or even frightened by it. No matter what the reaction, it’s really important to be patient and understanding. The more the partner is able to talk out their fears or nervousness, the more comforted they will be that they are being heard and listened to.

That is a very important part of feeling safe, and feeling safe at some level is necessary to sexual exploration, even if the exploration is intended to be something that is a little unsafe and outside the person’s comfort zone. We all need to know that our partner is interested in our feelings and willing to talk until we are comfortable. One thing that can be done to help the partner get more comfortable is to find some porn about whatever activity is being discussed. Watch it with them and let them start to get comfortable and aroused by what they’re seeing. Talk afterwards to see if they enjoyed what they saw or what they might want to change or do differently. Find out what they found hot and what they didn’t. Seeing the activity will open up the lines of communication even more and might start getting the partner more into the idea, especially if they enjoy watching porn and are often aroused by it.

Another way to broach the subject more comfortably is to do some research and find out why it will be enjoyable for the partner. For instance, if a guy wants to introduce a new position, he should tell the lady that it will provide her with better clitoral stimulation than the positions that they have tried in the past and might enhance her orgasm. Knowing that one of the purposes of the new thing is to improve their experience will often make a partner at least consider it as a possibility.

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