It’s What We Got

Free sex porn is what we have these days almost exclusively for our porn. How many people do you know who are buying porn DVD’s or buying them as consistently as they are downloading dirty movies off their P.C. and for those people you know downloading what’s the percentage who are watching free sex porn, not paying a dime for the privilege of whacking-off in their own home?

We certainly have come a long way from having to venture to a specific part of town to take in some new dirty movie in a theater that showed them exclusively. We certainly have made leaps and bounds from the video tape days when people were gobbling-up titles to amass a personal collection of porn movies and we have pretty much eliminated the need to buy DVD’s or pay for that streaming download when we know there is so much free sex porn for us on line to just go out and grab when we want.

But does the access create boredom. Did the fact that we had to pay, drive over to the theater, get the babysitter for the night, find a place to hide the tapes…did all of these slight difficulties and occasion planning make the porn experience sweeter-for those who did these things and remember-then it could ever be now with our almost lackadaisical access and no charge? The very last thing any adult human being needs is to get sex easy, to procure one’s desires without some work, to know, that at any time, anything we want is available…and for free. Human beings do not work so well limitless.

The fact of the matter is that now there is so much free sex porn we shan’t be returning to the days of yore when there wasn’t. Now that technology has brought us to this place we will not long stay here. As we always have, man will venture forward to bring himself even more conveniences and where free sex porn is free now, it will be even more so in the future.

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