Goin’ Viral…is so no sexy

When you have the ability to have something all the time, you’d naturally grow bored with that thing.

At one time the sex tape was enough of an anomaly that it was exciting….especially seeing as it was usually celebrities who we could spy having sex. And even though there seemed to be a ton of the tapes popping-up regularly, they were interesting in a way that passing an accident and having to look at it is interesting. We got to see exactly the big-or small-dick of a well-known male star or the sucking skills of a media celeb Olympic athlete. We’d be able to follow the trials and tribulations of the wronged couple attempting to get their sex tape back and the fifteen minutes of fame afforded to even C-list has-beens simply because there was a sex tape floating around that showed them in bed with a D-list never was.

Our fascination with the sexual liaisons of celebrities, politicians and rock-stars has not changed of course but how we get the dirt on them has. Now people have cell phone cameras and videos, the net allows for the dissemination of any and all salacious information and websites exist, beyond just youtube now that sees the viral virus of events being recorded as they happen and shown on the web even as quickly or even more private scenes being presented for public viewing.

Of course if the common guy or girls knows there is the possibility of constant detection on their backs at all times, celebs realize more than most that they are being hunted for a bounty. The men and women we treat as our royalty have to interact with the/and in the public forever afraid a drunken diatribe or a moment of bare panty-less crotch will be caught by some overzealous fan and posted on line in near real time. No one fears the sex tape really anymore since the public these days wouldn’t sit still for the time is takes to download a tape or rewind one on VCR machines we no longer even have!

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