As long as we have had the ability to record images on film we have been interested in recording people fucking. In one way or another porn has always existed and it seems there is no stopping the business even if the business as we know it dies because of technology. There will always be people willing to record themselves or others’ intimate acts and others who want to watch it.

According to historians the oldest porn move that can be dated is a French film A L’Ecu d’Or ou la bonne auberge made in 1908 but there could be films made even earlier than this. Through-out the subsequent decade dirty movies were often shown in brothels and soon followed what are usually called stag films. From there filmmakers got courageous and began to produce movies for theaters that they either rented or bought or those that had very little mainstream clientele the theater owners began showing naughty movies on off hours.

Soon the business was booming in the 70’s with even some porn movies garnering such a press buzz they entered the mainstream concern and lexicon, ala Deep Throat.

When home video and VCR’s became the rage companies producing porn saw a golden opportunity to not only sell their films to a home market but to actually produce movies on video, which was a much cheaper prospect that making movies. The home video market rolled into DVD’s, a medium still used today, only bested by downloadable fare almost everyone has seen or used off their laptops.

Of course the digital age provides access and facility for pirated movies so porn companies are suddenly faced with a dilemma of knowing they are reaching a wide audience online but in many cases are having that audience in effect stealing for them. In little more than a century we progressed from the nickelodeon, the stag film, the movie theater the VCR and now our computers, where do we go from here with porn?

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