Suit Up

For some reason, most of us tend to find uniforms attractive. In fact, many of the Free porn movies on the world wide web make extensive us of uniforms of all kinds in their productions. It always seems to work for most of us most of the time, and a good uniform never goes out of style.

If you show most men a woman, and I mean a grown woman here, in a cheerleader, candy striper, or catholic school uniform, they will get an immediate and persistent raging hard on. The idea of a woman in any of these uniforms is just simply too much for them. Is it because the uniforms are revealing or is it simply the archetype of each of these things that is such a turn on for most men? If we are a woman who wants to get a rise out of our man, we can also turn up in a nurse’s uniform and have pretty much the same effect. It may be the taboo idea of defiling someone with such an innocent profession, who knows?

Your average straight woman and your average gay man will both tend to go absolutely batty over a man in a fireman’s uniform. It works every time, maybe because they are strong and they save us and protect us. Most gay men will dig a man in a policeman’s uniform as well, but this one seems to run at about fifty fifty for straight women. A construction worker though is usually a sure bet, even though there is not a whole lot of uniform involved there.

It could be that we like to organize people into nice neat categories, and that these are the categories that we happen to find sexy and attractive. Whatever the reason, if you want to kick your sex life up a few notches, just put on a uniform and watch what happens in your bedroom.

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