Exit Stage Left

We all know and have been told on several occasions that the world is one big stage, and that we are just actors and actresses portraying ourselves as we would like the world to see us, whether it happens to be a real and true image or not. But sometimes we have to just drop our many various and sundry pretenses and take a bit of a break from our potentially academy award winning acting careers and just be ourselves. And some of us may want to enjoy some of the online Porn while we are dropping the act of being perfect for just a little while.

Most of us do like to show the world our best and brightest face and we take a lot of care and great pains to make sure that we come across in certain ways to our friends, our neighbors, our coworkers and even our casual acquaintances. We feel that we have a certain position in our communities to uphold and we want to make sure that the people who meet us think that we are responsible, upstanding, morally beyond reproach, and just pretty swell in general. So we go through this exhaustive act every single day, sometimes getting so caught up in our own performance that we tend to forget exactly who we really are deep down inside us.

Well everyone needs to take off their imaginary stage makeup at least every once in a while. For many of us, the best way to accomplish this is to just kick back and enjoy some Internet surfing to any site at all that we find interesting. We do not have to choose our site selection to impress anyone or to meet with anyone’s approval. The only person we have to please is ourselves, and we should take great care to do so, because these opportunities do not come along as often as we would like them to.

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