Make Her Feel Good

Most single people in the world want to get laid, feel some affection and maybe even fall in love. Single women have it pretty easy – they can get laid anytime they choose usually. Single guys usually have to put in some extra effort with the ladies in order to find willing partners.

When dating, if men could start off with the free sex part instead of all the dating stuff, most of them would be all for it.The opportunity to skip the expensive and time consuming parts – the going on dates and wooing the lady – would be happily received by most men. If they could skip to the sex part first and then do all the others stuff after the compatibility and interest is firmly established would make a lot more sense to most men. The problem is that a lot of women wouldn’t go for it. Men need to make some effort in order to get into a woman’s panties, and usually that means spending some time and money to make her trust the guy enough to have sex. When a guy puts some effort in most women really appreciate it. Take the lady out to dinner, treat her nicely, and flirt with her. Make her feel beautiful but don’t dive into the sex thing right away unless she initiates it. No matter when she agrees to sex, remember that lots of foreplay is always very important.

Don’t be in a huge rush and skimp on the foreplay, because the lady will never agree to go out again. Also, don’t try to get her to suck cock the minute everyone’s clothes come off. No matter how exciting it may be to have a beautiful woman naked, try to remember not to dive straight for her boobs or clit. That makes a guy seem inexperienced lover. Stroke and kiss and lick her whole body – it will make her realize that the guy knows how to make a woman feel really good.

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